A group of journalists from the daily newspaper Naša Borba founded the daily newspaper Danas in 1997 as an independent daily newspaper with a distinctly liberal and pro-European orientation. The first issue of the newspaper appeared on news-stands on 9th June 1997. Although it has a small circulation, the daily Danas is most often bought by better educated and urban citizens.

This newspaper frequently criticised the Milošević regime and sought to be independent, as a result of which it was frequently forced to pay high fines in the period 1998-2000 due to the repressive media laws in force at the time. Danas is one of three newspaper (along with Dnevni Telegraf and Naša Borba) which was banned on 14th October 1998 by government decree for ‘spreading fear and defetism’ at the time that the prospect of NATO bombing first became a realistic threat. The newspaper faced the threat of closure right up until the democratic changes of 5th October 2000. After 2000, Danas retained its independent, liberal and pro-European orientation. From 2012, in particular from 2016, it came under ever growing pressure due to its independent editorial line, with pressure on advertisers to cease placing ads with the newspaper. Dan Graf, the company which owns the newspaper, also publishes books.

The managing editors of Danas were Grujica Spasojević from 1997 until February 2006, when he was succeeded by Mihail Ramač, who remained in this job until 2009. From 2009 until his removal in March 2016, the managing editor was Zoran Panović, after whom the managing editor became Dragoljub Petrović.

Danas was, and has remained, the only national daily newspaper whose editorial line can be described as independent. The newspaper is recognizable for its critical attitude towards the government, as well as the significant amount of space it dedicates to the opposition and critics of the regime. Due to a small circulation and financial difficulties, Danas began a crowdfunding campaign, thus becoming one of the few media in the country seeking to secure funding for its operations in this way. Danas has strengthened its presence on social media, while its website is also seeing an increasing number of visitors.

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Dan Graf


Ownership Structure

The Danas daily newspaper is owned by the Dan Graf Ltd company, whose owners are mostly the journalists who founded the newspaper.

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The voting rights of owners are weighted according to the proportion of shares which they own.

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Bozidar Andrejic, Grujica Spasovic, Dusan Mitrovic, Zdravko Huber, Radivoj Cveticanin, Radomir Licina, Gordana Logar, Nikola Burzan, Sasa Nikasinovic, Vesna Ninkovic, Vincent Gadomski, Ivan Torov, Rade Radovanovic, Sime Vuckovic, Branislav Canak

Affiliated Interests Founder

The founders of the Danas daily newspaper were a group of journalists of the former independent daily newspaper Nasa Borba, who were unhappy with the way Nasa Borba was being run at the time.


Dusan Mitrovic

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Dusan Mitrovic is the director and one of the shareholders of Dan Graf and does not have any other relevant known affiliations.


Dragoljub Petrovic

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Petrovic has been working for Danas since 2009 and has been the editor - in - chief since 2016. He began his career as a journalist in Borba in 1994, later moving to Nasa Broba, and then Glas Javnosti and Kurir in later years. Currently, he also writes columns and texts for the weekly news magazine Nedeljnik and the website of N1 television.

Other Important People

Zdravko Huber, deputy Editor - in - Chief

Affiliated Interests other important people

Huber is one of the founders and shareholders of Danas and does not have any other relevant known affiliations.


Alekse Nenadovića 19-23, Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 344 11 86

Email: uprava@danas.rs

Website: www.danas.rs

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