Radio Belgrade 1

Radio Beograd is one of the oldest European electronic media. It was established as Radio Rakovica in 1924 and began broadcasting six months after Radio Paris and Radio Vienna. Today, this radio is the fourth most listened to in Serbia and has the most listeners between 5am and 7am. The content of Radio Beograd 1 is mostly news and other current affairs content, with news bulletins broadcast every hour. The radio station is known for its rich cultural programming. 

With a rich news and current affairs program, Radio Beograd is currently the only radio with a national frequency dedicated to news content. The editorial concept of this radio station leaves it with more space for debates which tackle ‘sensitive’ topics, making it distinct from the television program of RTS. 

This radio station began broadcasting a digital signal during November 2018, marking the end of the process of digitalization of the public broadcaster in Serbia.

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The leading bodies of RTS include nine members of the Managing Council and General Director, while the fifteen members of the Program Council shape the program content. The Council of the Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) selects nine members of the Managing Council for a period of five years following a public selection process. The Managing Council appoints the General Director and members of the Program Council on the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Information.

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Republic of Serbia

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Radio joint-stock company

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Radio engineer Robert Vege and several others including Djura Milutinovic, Milos D. Stanojevic, Slavko Boksan, dr. Emer Tartalja, Dusan Grubic, Djulijus Hanau, Stevan Karamata, Milutin Stevanovic and lawyer Zafir Stankovic formed Radio joint-stock company.


Milan Nedic

Affiliated Interests Ceo

The official RTS press release following the appointment of Nedic to the position of Director of this radio station stated that he was a long-serving editor and journalist of Radio Beograd and RTS with rich managerial experience at different desks and media houses. The daily newspaper Danas reports that, until a few years ago, Nedic worked in the press service of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce. Nedic also worked on former BK Television, as the managing editor and deputy managing editor. Nedic was chosen to become the Director of the radio station by the Managing Council of RTS during October 2017, following the removal of Milivoj Mihajlovic.


Srdjan Boskovic

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Began his career as a journalist and radio presenter, later gaining experience on the television program of RTS according to the press release of the Managing Council of RTS following the appointment of Boskovic as editor of Radio Beograd 1. However, the Cenzolovka website reported that the appointment of Boskovic came as a negative surprise to the journalists of this radio station. Until a few years ago, Boskovic was employed in the press service of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce according to the daily newspaper Danas, which also adds that during the 1990s he was a news anchor.


Hilandarska 2,

11 000 Beograd

Tel: 011 655 3007


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RTS does not have a record of RTS's financial data separately for every program. In that sense, MOM team was not able to provide financial information for this particular outlet.

Milivoje Mihajlovic, the former director of Radio Beograd, was relieved from his job on the recommendation of the Managing Council of RTS but then appointed assistant to the RTS Director in October 2017. He was replaced in his original job by Milan Nedic during December 2017. At the same meeting, the RTS Managing Council chose Srdjan Boskovic to become the editor of Radio Beograd 1. Biljana Vujasinovic-Zec, who died in September 2017, was the radio’s editor before him.

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