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TDI Radio

Radio TDI, the first media of the Krdzic family, is owned by them to this day. It mainly broadcasts music, entertainment and humorous programs, covering the territory of the city of Belgrade. Aside from this, Milos Krdzic owns another four TDI radios – Radio TDI Sven (Nis area), Radio TDI Central (region of Cacak, Kraljevo and Vrnjacka Banja), TDI Radio Istok (region of Bor, Zajecar, Negotin and Boljevac) and TDI Prijepolje (local radio). 

The logo and name of TDI is also used by two other local stations – Cigra TDI Radio from Krusevac and Radio 5 from Novi Sad. 

TDI failed to secure a national frequency in 2006, despite the fact that the Krdzic family planned to invest €400,000 in development, according to the documentation submitted as part of the public tender.

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Radio TDI is owned by the company LITE FM (100%). LITE FM is owned by the company Maxim Media Plus (100%). The owner of Maxim Media Plus is Milos Krdzic (100%).

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Milos Krdzic

Affiliated Interests Founder

According to media reports, he began his career as a CD salesman, currently managing several media with his wife, Ruzica Krdzic. Aside from radios HIT and TDI, the Krdzic family owns Radio TDI Crna Gora, as well as several local and regional radios.

Until recently, the family also owned Belgrade city television station Studio B.

The changes made to the editorial policy of Studio B, as well as the large sums of money which the media owned by the Krdzic family secured in public tenders for the co-financing of media imply close ties to the ruling Serbian Progressive Party.

Aside from interests in the media sector, Maxim Media, the company owned by Krdzic, is also engaged in the construction sector. This company is an investor in luxurious apartments in the Belgrade suburb of Dedinje, built without the relevant permits. Krdzic’s companies also acquired a plot of land in Krunska 69 in 2018. This location was previously the seat of the Democratic Party, returned to the former owners during the process of restituting properties nationalized after the Second World War.
Milos Krdzic is the representative of the sporting association Golf Club “Belgrade – GCB” in Ada Ciganlija.


Ruzica Krdzic

Affiliated Interests Ceo

The name of the director of Radio TDI is linked to the purchase and later sale of radio-television Studio B. Krdzic bought Studio B during the media privatization process in 2015. Since then, around €40 million of public money has been granted to the television station through public media tenders by the city of Belgrade. Following the change in ownership of Studio B, support to the ruling SNS became a key component of the reporting of this television station, particularly during the 2018 Belgrade elections.

Three years after the privatization, Studio B was bought by Sasa Blagojevic in 2018. The company Global Media Technology, owned by Blagojevic, also bought the daily newspaper Alo in 2017.


Iva Pavlovic


Alekse Nenadovica 19-21

11000 Beograd

Tel: 011/404-9880


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