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The company Alo media system is owner of Alo media outlets - print and online, since July 2017. The company was founded in March 2017, just few days before Serbian presidental elections that year. It was founded under the name Dnevne novine Alo, which was changed into Alo media system in June 2019.

The 100% owner of the company is Sasa Blagojevic, who is also the director and one of the owners of marketing and consultancy agency Trilenium and Belgrade media Studio B, through his company Global media technology, since June 2018. The address of the company Alo was the same as the address of Ringier Axel Springer ltd in Belgrade until February 2018, when Alo moved to the same adress where Global media technology is located.

Sasa Blagojevic is new to the media market, so there is limited information about him. However, in 2017 daily Danas reported that he appears to be close to the authorities.

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Media Business


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Sasa Blagojevic

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Kosovska 26/III, Belgrade, Serbia

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Tax Number 109964527, ID Number 21276081

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The company Alo media system was founded in March 2017. The last publicly available financial report is for 2017 year.
Since, daily and online Alo was sold to new owner in July 2017, the data from that financial report are not the real indicators how media operates.
Number of employees in 2017 was 48.


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