Publisher ltd was founded in November 2015 by Goran Veselinovic, who is also its owner. This company started publishing the weekly magazine Ekspres six months later, at the end of April 2016. Goran Veselinovic is the best man of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Since the founding of the company, it has changed four directors in a short period of time.
Ekspres was registered in the register of media in February 2016, although the magazine was first published several months later in April. Veselinovic also owns the PR agency Right, which has taken over most of the marketing businesses in Serbia since 2012, just when Vucic's Serbian Progressive Party came to power in Serbia. 

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Goran Veselinovic

Goran Veselinovic is owner of marketing agency Right.

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Goran Veselinovic

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Goran Veselinovic is owner of marketing agency Right LTD.




Beogradska 39, 11000 Belgrade

Tel: + 381 11 404 44 16

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ID number: 21154164; Tax number: 109279252

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61 Mio RSD / 0.5 Mio $

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- 11 Mio RSD / -0.1 Mio $

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The company Publisher was founded in November 2015, but weekly magazine Ekspres has been coming out since April 2016.
Number of employees was 19 in 2017 according to the official records of the Serbian Business Registers Agency.
Pictures of Goran Veselinovic cannot be found, except two that were published in the daily newspaper Kurir. One taken by unknown photographer and the other one taken during a big annual celebration of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party which Veselinovic attended.


Serbian Business Registers Agency, Accessed 08 July 2019

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