Igor Zezelj

Igor Zezelj

Igor Žeželj was born in 1973 in Belgrade. He has been in the digital media business for over 15 years. He has been the owner and director of the company Wireless Media since June 2004, and since December 2017 he has been President of the Board of IAB Serbia. Interactive Advertising Bureau Serbia (IAB) is an association which offers active support to the growth and development of the market for digital and interactive marketing in Serbia, part of the global IAB network and member of IAB Europe.

Žeželj owns several companies, which operate in the market of digital marketing, telecommunications and IT support. Aside from years long experience in the media sector, he is known to the public from the period when he was at the helm of the Crvena Zvezda basketball club and general manager of the Crvena Zvezda football club.

During the 1990s, he led the student protests of 1996/97, after which he founded the organization “Studentski politički klub” together with Čedomir Jovanović, Čedomir Antić, Vladimir Dobrosavljević and Aleksandar Ćirić.
Through the acquisition of Adria Media Group, Igor Žeželj became the owner of four of its subsidiaries - Adria media magazini, Adria Media Zagreb, Adria Media Invest and Admatik media. Igor Zezelj is the ultimate owner of Mondo.rs trough several companies. The owner of website Mondo.com is Mondo Inc (100%). The owner of Mondo Inc is Wireless media (100%). The owner of Wireless media is Mobil media (100%). The owner of Mobil media is Igor Zezelj (100%).

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