Maja Rakovic

Maja Rakovic
Maja Rakovic, Photo: Medija Centar Beograd

In an interview to Story, Maja Rakovic said that she was working in the public administration during the 1990s, but that she always wanted to have a radio station and that because of that, she left the public administration and created the radio. She is also a representative of an association called Radio Advertising Bureau Serbia. Members of this association are in many local commissions which decide on allocating public funds for media from local budgets. In 2017 Maja Rakovic was part of the working group formed by Ministry of culture and information for drafting new media strategy. Soon after this group was formed, representatives of the largest journalists' associations withdraw from it while Maja Rakovic with some other members stayed in it. They created version of media strategy that was never implemented because Ministry of culture stoped it after consultation of President Vucic and Prime minister Ana Brnabic. New working group was formed after that, this time with representatives of largest journalists' association and with OEBS mediation. Maja Rakovic is member of this working group also.

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Radio in Serbia is not so influential when it comes to news program, hence there is not so much political interference.

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