Zeljko Mitrovic

Zeljko Mitrovic
Photo: Screenshot of Zeljko Mitrovic on Pink TV in 2012

Zeljko Mitrovic began his business activities in the 1990s, in a media environment that was tightly controlled by the ruling couple, Slobodan Milosevic and Mirjana Markovic. Using his close ties with the ruling elites, Mitrovic obtained a nationwide broadcasting frequency for Pink in 1994 and since 1998, it has been the leading commercial TV station in the country, keeping good ties with every government to follow.

Thanks to these close relations with state officials, Mitrovic’s business has been constantly growing over the years and also spreading beyond the borders of Serbia. Today, Pink media group (which is not a legal entity) operations include: filmed entertainment production, radio and television broadcasting, satellite TV production, music recording, optical disc media replication and executive/VIP aviation services. He also had shares (80.5%) in bubble gum production in company called MGUM Technology.

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Zeljko Mitrovic's wife, Milica Mitrovic is vice president of Pink International and programme director of Pink TV. Zeljko Mitrovic has four kids and his oldest son was accused of killing a girl on a belgrade street by his car as she was passing it on red light in 2013. The court process is still underway.

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