Zoran Andjelkovic

Zoran Andjelkovic
Zoran Andjelkovic, Photo: Kurir - Dado Djilas

Mr. Andjelkovic is a high-ranked member of the Socialist Party, the founder of Radio S and President of General Meeting of Shareholders at Serbian Railroads since 2008. 2013-2014 Mr. Andjelkovic was appointed Member of Parliament to replace Ivica Toncev. 

During the 90's Andjelkovic was active in both Communist Union and its decedent Socialist Party of Serbia. Later he became Minister of youth and sports, while in 1998 he was appointed head of Contemporary Executive Council for Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbian business registry indicates Ljubinka Andjelkovic, mother of Zoran Andjelkovic as an owner. However there is a reasonable doubt that an 84-year-old housewife from a small village in Central Serbia manages the top ranked radio station in the country. It is a common practice to register properties under family members' or relatives' names among Serbian politicians or public officials. 

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Ljubinka Andjelkovic - Zoran Andjelkovic's mother and listed owner of S Media Team, the company that owns both Radio S and Radio S 2.

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Although in the Serbian Business Registry Ljubinka Andjelkovic is listed owner of S Media Team, her son Zoran Andjelkovic talked running radio business publicly several time. However, registration of property under family members and relatives is widely practiced in Serbia, especially among politicians and public officials.

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