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Insajder Tim ltd was formally registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency on 9th March 2012. The company publishes the daily tabloid newspaper Informer and is owned by Dragan Vucicevic, who is also the editor in chief of the newspaper. The company has a Serbian subsidiary - Info IT media ltd - which is engaged in advertising, as well as a branch registered in Montenegro, which publishes the Montenegrin version of Informer - Informer Crna Gora.

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Limited liabilicty company

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Informer Crna Gora


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Newspaper publishing



Insajder Tim ltd has a legally registered branch in Montenegro, which publishes the Montenegrin version of Informer under the name "Informer Crna Gora". The branch is 100% owned by Insajder Tim ltd.

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Dragan Vucicevic

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According to several official, publicly available biographies, Dragan Vucicevic worked for the Politika, Blic, Glas Javnosti and Demokratija daily newspapers in his early career. Post-2000, he was one of the founders of the Nacional, Kurir and Press daily newspapers, all of which can be categorized as tabloids. Nacional was established in 2001 and its publication temporarily banned during the state of emergency decalred in Serbian in March 2003 following the assassination of then Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic; the paper was later wound down. Vucicević then moved to establish Kurir with a group of journalists, where he stayed until late 2005, when, following a dispute with the owners of Kurir he and a group of journalists from the newspaper left to establish the Press daily newspaper. Press, in turn, was wound down in November 2012, following the announcement by Serbian businessman Miroslav Mišković that he was withdrawing from the newspaper - this was also the first official confirmation that Mišković had an ownership stake in the newspaper. Dragan Vucicevic had left Press in December 2011 and founded Insajder Tim doo, the company which owns Informer, in March 2012. Vucicevic was the Director of Insajder Tim doo from its founding on 9th March 2012 until 29th March 2012, when Damir Dragic was officially registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency as the Director, while Vucicevic became one of the other legal representatives of the company. Aside from being the owner and editor in chief of Informer, Vucicevic is notable for being the host of Teska Rec, which portrays itself as a current affairs show on TV Pink. Much like Informer, the TV show serves as a platform for SNS politicians and pro-SNS analysts to launch attacks against opponents and critics of the party.




Terazije 5/7, Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 6555 261



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Tax Number: 107467081; ID number: 20808900

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5.9 Mio. USD / 639 Mio. RSD

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

0.71 Mio. USD / 76.7 Mio. RSD

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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All financial and employment data are from 2017, the most recent available year. An average exchange rate of 107.7452 RSD to the US dollar for 2017 was used to convert financial figures from Serbian dinars into dollars. The Serbian Business Registrers Agency does not contain information on members of the Executive and Supervisory boards, nor was reliable information on this available through other means.

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