Kopernikus Corporation

Kopernikus Corporation

Kopernikus Technology was founded by Srdjan Milovanovic in 1998 and until 2002 the company was engaged in the sale of satellite antennas, air-conditioning equipment, audio and video equipment, when it became the leading importer and distributor of equipment for cable television (cable stations, amplifiers, passive and active equipment and all types of cables). 

From 2005, Kopernikus spread its business activities to the planning, construction and exploitation of cable distribution systems, expanding the range of its services to include the internet from 2008. As part of the cable television services on offer, Kopernikus offers a large number of domestic and international television programs (around 200 channels) of which those with news content have a pro-government stance. In 2016, the majority owner of the company became Abris Capital Partners, one of the leading investment funds of Europe, while Milovanovic, who is the brother of Zvezdan Milovanovic, a senior official of the ruling SNS, remained a minority owner. 

In December 2018, Kopernikus Corporation Ltd from Cyprus - behind which were Milovanovic as a physical person with a 50% stake and Kopernikus BV from the Netherlands (fully owned by Milovanovic) with the other 50% stake - bought the entire Antena Group, including the television stations O2 and Prva, having sold its cable operator to state-owned telecommunications company Telekom Srbija for nearly €200 million, buying Antena Group for €180 million. The Antimonopoly Commission approved this sale as Antena Group did not exceed 35% of the market share according to the way that the measure of concentration of media ownership is defined in the Law on Electronic Media. 

Antenna Group Serbia was part of Antenna Group, better known as ANT1 Group, the biggest media company in Greece. The Group was established in 1988 with the creation of radio station ANT1 97.2 FM, founded by the Greek-Cypriot ship owner and businessman Minos Kyriakou. The Greek investors entered the Serbian media market by acquiring Televizija Fox (today Prva) in December 2009, and then B92 television and radio, also bringing VICE to Serbia. 

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Srdjan Milovanovic has been the owner of Kopernikus Corporation since 1998 along with his brother Zvezdan, a senior official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party in Nis. In 2009, he founded the record house KCN Rekords, which released the first record of folk singer Jovana Tipsin, then Milovanovic’s girlfriend. He came to the focus of media attention in 2016 when the controversial businessman Predrag Rankovic Peconi was wounded in Hotel Prag in Belgrade. Milovanovic was sitting at the table when Peconi was shot, with media reporting that the reason for the gathering was a celebration organized by Milanovic to mark his acquisition of the Hotel Prag. The Milovanovic borthers are owners of several off-shore companies. According to business documentation, Srdjan Milovanovic has been using off-shore companies for his business activities for years, among them Kopernikus Technology which has been engaged in planning, construction and operation of cable distribution systems and internet, as well as television, import of cable television equipment, etc.


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