NP Vreme

NP Vreme

NP Vreme ltd was registered on 5th July 1991 and has remained the legal entity which publishes Vreme ever since. However, the first issues of Vreme published between October 1990 and July 1991 were published by Sedma Sila ltd, a company initially registered by the same individuals in Rijeka in Croatia, where at the time it was easier to register a company in what was one state - Yugoslavia.

A majority stake in the company was initially held by Srdja Popovic, a well known Belgrade lawyer, who later transferred it to his son, Boris Popovic. However, in 2008, Popovic agreed to sell his stake in the magazine to a group of journalists of the weekly.

The decision followed a disagreement between the journalists and the owner over the way the magazine was being managed. These ownership changes have not affected the editorial line of the magazine in any major way.

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Limited liability company

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Book publishing; Video production

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Newspaper publishing


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Zoran Jelicic, Dragisa Boskovic, Milan Milosevic, Stojan Cerovic, Dimitrije Boarov, Milos Vasic, Lazar Stojanovic, Srdja Popovic, Vesna Pesic, Jurij Gustincic, Boro Krivokapic, Mirko Klarin, Jug Grizelj

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The company was founded in 1991 by a group of journalists, including a number who left the weekly NIN and daily newspaper Borba, as well as a number of Belgrade political dissidents. A number of them have died, while some, such as Vesna Pesic, later became politically active.




Kosovska 17, 11000 Belgrade

Tel: +381 11 3234 774



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Tax Number: 100294546; ID number: 07737912

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0.53 Mio. USD / 57.8 Mio. RSD

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0.05 Mio. USD / 5.5 Mio. RSD

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

According to the Serbian Business Registers Agency's records, a 74.35% stake in the company NP Vreme ltd has been mortgaged as part of a loan of €370,000.00 extended to V Film ltd (a company merged with Vreme ltd in July 2009 and previously owned by more or less the same people who own Vreme ltd). The loan was extended in 2008 by Delta Maxi ltd, which at the time was owned by Miroslav Miskovic, one of the biggest businessmen in Serbia. Since then, Delta Maxi ltd has been sold to Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize.

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