Miroslav Bogicevic

Miroslav Bogicevic
Mirosalv Bogicevic, Photo: Medija Centar Beograd

Bogicevic is a Serbian businessman known for his close past connections to the Democratic Party. His main company is Farmakom, based in the Serbian city of Sabac. Farmakom owned companies in mining, pharmacy and agriculture. Bogicevic was arrested in 2014 because he was suspected of abuse of post. He later stated that he bought Politika newspaper because Boris Tadic, President of Serbia at the time, asked him to do so, while claiming that Tadic also asked him to buy the daily newspaper Novosti. In an interview to the weekly Ekspres, Bogicevic stated that he also financed the Democratic Party of Serbia and the Serbian Radical Party. In November 2016, the Tax Administration published a list of the biggest tax debtors, according to which Farmakom owed almost 30 million euros to the state.

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Concern Farmakom is Bogicevic’s main company and it is the owner of other companies in Serbia. Farmakom is currently in liquidation.

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